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Skylar Owen

A Bit About Me

             “The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of”-Leonardo Da Vinci. I like to think what makes me different from other people is that I'm creative and authentic. One thing that makes me a little unique is that I'm artistic. In addition to being blessed with exceptional fine-motor skills developed at an early age, I've been blessed with the ability to create realistic artwork. With that ability, I have an unmistakable creative mind, which provides me with intense focus, an uncommon visual perception, and the ability to understand and conceptualize things that the average person does not. I'm an observer by nature and pay attention to not only detail but also the importance of perspective. Not just that, but I tend to not conform to society's norm of the "basic girl next door." Unlike the current norm, I don't feel the need to be active on social media nor do I have the desire of everyone being my friend. I usually get along with everyone, but sometimes people just don't have the same viewpoints, and that's okay.

              In the future, I want to be a well known cosmetologist who has an overflowing client list. Eventually, I would like to own my own salon that has a vibrant modern atmosphere, where I can work along with talented cosmetologists. At some point in my career, I would like to get married to my best friend and create a family. Hopefully, we have a stable income between the both of us so we can provide a happy life for our children and us. 

             I want my legacy in life to be known as a talented, successful person who made a

difference in the lives of others. My definition of success is true happiness. So I hope I am truly happy in my job; truly happy in my marriage; and truly happy with the person  I have become. Hopefully, my legacy that I leave behind is that I was abundantly successful and led an impactful life.

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